Overview of the Academic Program

The Academic Program

At New College, we seek to integrate all courses through a Biblical foundation, reading and discussing the great literary works of the past, and examining the work of God throughout history. This theme undergirds our entire curriculum. Courses are inter-related, and themes run across traditional disciplines.

The curriculum of New College is grounded in five areas.

  • Moral Philosophy demonstrates the decrees of God as executed in the progression of ideas, literature, and works through major epochs of history.
  • Theological Studies focus on Theology Proper and the original Greek text. In contrast to Moral Philosophy, which considers religion as an anthropological study, Theological Studies focuses on God as Creator, Savior and Sustainer.
  • The Trivium Studies, comprised of Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric, lay down the foundation for academic expertise and equip students to engage in the process of academic discovery for the glory of God.
  • The Quadrivium courses in classical Christian mathematics are founded on the belief that God reveals Himself and His decrees through the beauty, order, and design of His creation.
  • Applied Studies seek to articulate the complex relationship between faith, learning and practice.

The academic calendar at New College is divided into two semesters, fall and spring. Most courses at NCF span the entire year and meet three or four hours a week depending on the credit load.

Detailed Model Four-Year Plan