Scholarships and Aid

New College Franklin does all it can to keep tuition and fees modest so we can be financially accessible to as many students as possible. To this end, with tuition and fees amounting to just about $10,000 per year, New College Franklin is well below the average private college tuition and closer to the tuition levels of many state colleges. New College is able to keep within this financial range by focusing on the primary components of a classical Christian education: wise and experienced faculty, classic books, and inquiring students.

Regardless of how modest the cost, however, some qualified students will be challenged to make ends meet, and the college take these concerns seriously. New College encourages students to plan early and take full advantage of college funding opportunities, especially through third-party scholarships, grants, and loans. Regarding college funding opportunities, students should be aware that to preserve the fullest religious freedoms, New College Franklin does not participate in any federal government financial aid programs. New College Franklin acknowledges this is a unique stance in an age when government funding is almost an assumed part of financing college education. However, New College is committed to serving students by preserving the mission and unique character of this classical and Christian college.

Through the below need-based and merit scholarships, New College Franklin willingly assists students as able. Applicants interested in these scholarship opportunities should state their interest to the Admissions Office in the Statement of Financial Commitment and Ability form during the application process.

Academic Scholarships

New College Franklin Scholars

Deadline: Must apply for admission to NCF by February 15 to qualify for this scholarship.

The New College Franklin Scholars award is an honor given to incoming freshmen having outstanding records of academic achievement. The scholarship award ranges from $1000 to half tuition (student is still responsible for all fees and other non-tuition charges), as College funds permit.

Eligibility: Students must have a minimum high school GPA of 3.75, minimum CLT (Classic Learning Test) score of 90, SAT score of 1300 or ACT score of 30, exemplary record of awards, honors, and faithful church/community service, exemplary letters of recommendation and writing ability (writing samples are taken from the NCF Admissions essays). Students must be accepted and entering as first-time, full-time NCF freshmen.

Renewal: This scholarship is automatically renewed for up to four consecutive years as long as the student maintains a 3.30 GPA and remains in good standing for the Bachelor of Arts degree. Recipients who are placed on probation or are suspended will no longer be eligible for renewal of the scholarship.

Evaluation process to determine scholarship amounts: This scholarship is awarded as college funds permit. All students meeting the academic record requirements are eligible for up to half tuition scholarship (automatically renewed pending the above renewal requirements). Once the base academic requirements are demonstrated, the Scholarship Committee will evaluate the remaining portfolio of each student to determine the amount of the scholarship offered.

Need Based Scholarships

New College Franklin will ground its need-based financial aid decisions on the Financial Aid Application, available here.

Students should not hesitate to contact the Admissions Office at New College regarding questions about the College’s financial aid practices.

General Need Based Scholarship

The General Need-Based Scholarship is offered to students as the College funds allow. The amount of this scholarship varies and reflects the documented need.

Eligibility: Students must have demonstrated financial need as evidenced by the Financial Aid Application.
Renewal: The General Need-Based Scholarship is reviewed annually upon re-submission of the financial aid application. Additionally, students must maintain a CS (2.0) grade point average and remain in good standing for the B.A. degree.

External Financial Aid: Scholarships and Loans

New College Franklin encourages students to seek assistance from the wide array of third-party merit, service or need-based scholarships. Students can research a good number of these opportunities through Fastweb and FinAid.