Tuition and Fees


Incoming students and returning students alike must submit a non-refundable matriculation deposit of $500 by July 1 each year that is applied in its entirety to the first tuition payment. Students must also sign the Statement of Financial Ability and Commitment provided by New College Franklin to secure their place.

All tuition increases must be approved annually by the Tennessee Higher Education Commission (THEC).

Tuition for the 2018 – 2019 academic year is $9,555.

The full tuition is to be paid in full at least one week before the start of Michaelmas. Tuition payment that is more than three business days late is subject to an additional late fee of $400.


The tuition amount does not include required books for the Bachelor of Arts program. The estimated cost of books for the program is $1200 per year.

Matriculation Deposit

The matriculation deposit of $500 and Tuition Agreement are due by June 1 except in the case of students who are accepted as Late Applicants. Late Applicants must pay the matriculation deposit by the date specified in the Letter of Intent. Payment of the matriculation deposit (including receipt of the Tuition Agreement) that is more than three days late is subject to a $50 late fee.

Part Time Tuition

Part-time tuition is calculated at $318.50 per credit hour. Students registered for more than a full load are not charged for those credit hours exceeding the full course load for that term. The number of hours constituting a full course load differ from year to year. Please see the course descriptions and the model four-year plan to determine what constitutes a full load for a particular year.

Tuition Payment Plan

As an alternative to the annual tuition payment, students may pay tuition in four equal installments. The first payment is due one week before the opening day of the Michaelmas Term, and the following three payments are due on the last day of the Michaelmas, Yuletide and Lententide Terms respectively for the ensuing terms. This payment plan includes a financing charge of $200 to be paid with the Michaelmas Term tuition. Students should indicate on the spring letter of intent whether or not they elect to pay tuition annually or on the payment plan. Tuition payment in this plan that is more than three business days late is subject to an additional late fee of $100.

Fixed Tuition

While the tuition at most colleges rises 3-6% annually to cover costs and inflation, students at New College Franklin have the option to fix tuition for four consecutive years from initial enrollment at the tuition rate for that year. To secure the fixed rate of tuition students must pay an $800 deposit in full with their first tuition payment of the year. If students elect not to secure the fixed rate their first year, the fixed tuition offer is available the second and third year at the tuition rate of those years respectively. Regardless of the year that the students may choose the fixed tuition option, the $800 deposit is due in full with the first tuition payment of the year.

The $800 fixed tuition deposit will be applied in full to the students’ final tuition payment of their fourth (or senior) year. However, if students withdraw or are dismissed from New College Franklin, the $800 tuition deposit will be included in the tuition sum for the year they withdraw or are dismissed pursuant to the Refund Policy below. Students may seek re-enrollment at a later date, and they will be charged the tuition rate of the year that they seek to rejoin New College Franklin.

Payment of Tuition

Tuition payments may be delivered in person to the Bursar’s Office or should be mailed to:
New College Franklin
Office of the Bursar
P.O. Box 1575
Franklin, TN 37065

Click here to make an online tuition payment.

Auditor’s Fee

New College Franklin may admit a limited number of auditing students (see Part-Time Students and Auditors above) for a $250 fee per course per term. Pending the standard conditions of Auditing students, this fee is waived for spouses of enrolled students.

Refund Policy

New College Franklin offers refunds to students who withdraw or are dismissed according to the following schedule of refund rates. If a course is cancelled for any reason students will receive a 100% refund. Students withdrawing from a course or from New College Franklin must notify the registrar in writing. Receipt of a written withdrawal will constitute the official withdrawal date.

This refund policy applies to students paying tuition in total or by the tuition payment plan based on the official withdrawal date:

Withdrawal on or before the first day of the Michaelmas Term in August: 100% Refund
Withdrawal before the third week of the Michaelmas Term: 75% Refund
(such that less than 10% of the enrollment period has passed)
Withdrawal on or before the last day of the Yuletide Term in December: 25% Refund
(such that more than 10% but less than 50% of the enrollment period has passed)
Withdrawal after the last day of the Yuletide Term: 0% Refund
(such that more than 50% of the enrollment period has passed)
Tuition refunds are calculated from the tuition paid to the date of withdrawal minus a $100 administrative fee.