Brandon Spun

Academic Dean and Professor of Moral Philosophy and the Quadrivium

Brandon Spun is the Dean of Academics and a Senior Fellow at NCF. He was born in Penn Valley, PA. He grew up on Long Island, NY, and received his undergraduate degree in English and Philosophy from the State University of New York at Geneseo. After a brief stint in journalism and door-to-door sales, he continued his studies at St. John’s in Annapolis, MD where he received a Masters in Liberal Arts. He is currently studying for a second MA in Philosophy and hopes to earn a PhD in Philosophy.

Academic Intellectual interests include Literature, Literary Theory, Ancient Philosophy, Ethics, Personalism, Metaphysics, Natural Philosophy, and the Liberal Arts in general. A few idiosyncratic favorites include Fyodor Dostoevsky, Edith Nesbit, Robert Louis Stevenson, Jane Austen, Russian Literature in general, and Fairy Tales.

He has two children, enjoys classical languages, audio books (and so is eternally grateful to Librivox), woodworking, hiking, and board games.