Film Workshop and Discussion

How do we evaluate a film? What is the purpose of the film? What is the filmmaker trying to communicate through his film?  

Next Friday, November 3, NCF and Cornerstone will be hosting a workshop and discussion on Reading and Understanding Film: Understanding the Arts and Narrative of Film.  

Homeschool students and families are invited to the workshop where Dean Wilbur will talk about films from the perspective of story, content and technique. Learn to recognize not only what a filmmaker is saying by their story but how they are saying it thorough the medium of film.  This is an ideal seminar for anyone who loves movies and would like to be able to talk about them more clearly. The homeschool workshop cost $25 for students, $5 for parents. For more information or to register for the homeschool workshop, please email

In the evening, the community is invited to join for a viewing of the classic Hitchcock film Shadow of a Doubt (1943) and discuss how one of the masters of cinema uses the art of film to enhance this story. The community event is free, requires no registration, and begins at 7pm.

Both events will be held at New College Franklin (Cornerstone Presbyterian Church), located at 136 3rd Ave South, Franklin.