The Mission of New College Franklin

Under the Lordship of Jesus Christ, New College Franklin DISCIPLES students through the liberal arts for WISDOM, VIRTUE and SERVICE.

We view education within a DISCIPLESHIP context, where our purpose is not primarily to dictate useful facts in lecture, but to walk daily and lovingly in truth as Jesus did with his disciples. In WISDOM and VIRTUE, we seek to encourage our students to expand their knowledge, to love that which is truly beautiful, and to use both to witness God’s work throughout history and in their lives. In SERVICE, we encourage our students to live in submission to the Lord and in service to mankind.

In short, we seek to help students fulfill the command of Deuteronomy 6, “love the Lord God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your might. And these words that I command you today shall be on your heart.”

Institutional Objectives

Wisdom | Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom; therefore, the community of New College Franklin submits all learning, knowledge, institutional practice, and identity to the Lordship of Christ by analyzing all human knowledge through the framework of the Word of God and humbling ourselves before the Word.

Virtue | New College Franklin promotes a vibrant intellectual life that cherishes the liberal arts, academic rigor, and practical relevance by means of discussion-based learning which emphasizes reasoned and affective integration and application. New College Franklin focuses on the students’ whole development—educating the heart, soul, and mind for growth and maturity in faith and understanding.

Service | New College Franklin seeks to develop within students and the collegiate community the desire and practice of honoring God and of living out in service what is learned in the classroom as fruitful members of a local church and community. Students enter here into the practice of Christian service, embracing their various roles and vocations for a lifetime of service here, at home, and unto the ends of the earth.

Liberal Arts Program Objectives

1 | Students will investigate the sovereign plan of God as executed in the progression of ideas and literature throughout major epochs of history and develop an appreciation of the past and its impact on present reality and future trends. (Moral Philosophy)

2 | Students will broaden their understanding of God through His works which display his beauty, order and wisdom, particularly through number, by investigating the nature of number (arithmetic), number in shape (Geometry), number in time (Harmonia), and number in space and time (Cosmology). (Quadrivium)

3 | Students will engage in the process of academic discovery, to value the deep and complex relationship between word and deed and construct meaningful conversations that are critical and creative, clearly communicated, and formulated with integrity. (Trivium)

4 | Students will examine and articulate the overarching plan of God revealed through His Word, translate and interpret the Word of God from the original Greek, and analyze and apply theology as handed down from the historic tradition. (Theology)

5 | Students will engage the complex relationship between faith, learning, and practice by refining skills in artistic and musical expression, exploring practical application of knowledge in Preceptorial classes,and demonstrating personal development in projects or internships. (Applied)