Why Consider New College Franklin?

Education is a commitment that is time-consuming, sacrificial, sometimes overwhelming and sometimes glorious. At New College Franklin, we respect the educational path you have chosen because we desire the same things—learning based in relationship; the flexibility to craft a curriculum based on what has historically been recognized as true, good, and beautiful; to engage the heart as well as the mind; to seek after virtue; to behold wondrous things and respond in gratitude. 

What if college not only honored the scholastic choices you have made but actually built upon that foundation and continued what you started? New College Franklin is dedicated to the academic growth and spiritual formation of our students because we desire to shape not only what they will do in the future but who they will be.

Located in beautiful Franklin Tennessee, NCF is a four-year Christian Liberal Arts college dedicated to excellent academics and discipling relationships among students and faculty. We seek to enrich and disciple students intellectually, physically, emotionally, and spiritually, to guide them to wisdom and a life of service to God, neighbors, and creation. Intellectual development occurs through conversation in small classroom settings covering the great works of literature, philosophy, and theology, and the classical liberal arts disciplines of the trivium and quadrivium.

Come join us on-line for a preview of the college, meet faculty and students, and get a glimpse of why and education at New College Franklin matters now more than ever.

For questions, please email Tammy McCoy (office@newcollegefranklin.org) or call her at 615.815.8360.

NCF 2020 Preview Days

  • Thursday, June 11 @ 7pm
  • Saturday, June 13 @ 11am
  • Thursday, July 9 @ 7pm
  • Saturday, July 11 @ 11am

We will conduct our on-line preview days via Zoom video conferencing. We will limit the size of each group so that we have time and opportunity to answer questions. Please register so that we can send you the link and provide instructions.