Wisdom | Virtue | Service

Under the Lordship of Jesus Christ, New College Franklin disciples students through the liberal arts for wisdom, virtue, and service. New College Franklin is a four-year Christian Liberal Arts college dedicated to excellent academics and a community of discipleship. Together, faculty and students pursue godly wisdom in order to be missionally equipped for lives of humble service wherever God may direct. We believe that the Lord God is the Creator and Source of all being and thus all knowledge is anchored and unified in Him. Accordingly, our unique educational experience highlights the unity of all knowledge in our program of study so that we may know God’s truth, cherish His goodness, and enjoy His beauty. Our educational program intentionally draws us toward man’s highest aim, the worship of God.

Educating the whole person is at the heart of New College Franklin’s educational philosophy. What kind of people are we interested in shaping & creating? In some ways, just ordinary Christians—followers of Christ who die to self, who take up their cross daily, who see compassionately with the eyes of Christ. The Liberal Arts challenge our students’ intellect and broaden their understanding of God’s creation and who He is, equipping them for what God has called them to be and do.

Student Life

At New College Franklin, we recognize that life is far more than just academic and classroom learning. As a community, we are attentive to the spiritual, emotional and physical lives of our students and faculty. In daily chapel, we turn our attention to our Lord and Savior. We encourage one another to be involved in the local body of Christ. In our Collegium Series, we invite public speakers to lecture on intellectual, artistic and cultural topics. We also make use of every opportunity to enjoy one another and God’s creation through the annual Fall Hike, the Franklin Classic 5k, Bonfires, Folk Dancing, Yuletide Feast, St. Patrick’s Celebration, St. George’s Day Festival, the Graduation Picnic, and many other events.

Support New College Franklin

New College Franklin is a unique place to be! In addition to our classical curriculum and our commitment to godly wisdom and service, we are supported by people just like you. NCF does not take any federal or state funds and we have no intention to do so. Thus, our support comes from the Lord, through YOU!

As a core commitment, New College seeks to keep tuition affordable to be accessible to as many students as possible. At just about $10,000 annual tuition, New College Franklin’s tuition is less than a third of the average private college tuition of $32,410 according to CollegeBoard.com. Hence, gifts to the College are a significant source of non-tuition revenue income, and the College is grateful for all support from friends of the College. Donations to New College Franklin allow our students and faculty to continue seeking knowledge, understanding and wisdom for the sake of serving Christ’s church.

Would you partner with us by providing a one time or recurring donation? Would you support the Student Scholarship Fund and assist students who want to attend? New College Franklin is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and therefore your donations are tax deductible. Click on the link to donate, and we thank you for your partnership with us!