Prospective Weekend | March 26-27, 2021

Come and See

What if college wasn’t just about getting a piece of paper or training for a career?

What if college was an opportunity to wrestle with the great ideas that have shaped our world? A place for discipleship and growing in the knowledge of God? An opportunity for conversation in community: to know and be known?

What if New College Franklin was the college for you?

Come and see.

Visit us for prospective weekend and experience the NCF difference. For questions, please email Tammy McCoy ( or call at 615.815.8360.

Prospective Weekend Schedule

Friday Evening

  • 6:30pm | Greeting and Welcome
  • 7:15pm | Collegium Lecture with Mr. Greg Wilbur and Mr. Nathan Johnson
  • 8:15pm | Coffee and Fellowship


  • 9:00am | Arrival and Orientation
  • 10:15am | Break
  • 10:30am | Panel Discussion
  • 11:45am | Prayer
  • 12:15pm | Lunch
  • 1:30pm | Q & A
  • 2:30pm | Wrap-up

You are also welcome to spend the weekend, join in worship at a local church, and sit in on classes on Monday.


New College Franklin
at Cornerstone Presbyterian Church
136 Third Avenue South
Franklin, TN 37064