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Inspired by the British tradition of placing students in houses to foster community, camaraderie, and friendly competition, New College Franklin has established four houses into which students are sorted by lot. In the spirit of Christian charity and discipleship, the houses are also a hub of service unto the whole body of the college.

Both students and faculty at New College Franklin are placed in the houses: Rowan, Trinity, or An Doras (Sinai House is not currently active). The houses serve as communities in miniature within the college. Each year these houses hold events and look for means to serve fellow collegians as well as the community. Past events have included feasts, games, and creative activities such as poetry competitions, dances, trivia nights, and competitions of all sorts.

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An Doras
An Doras House has historically hosted the annual St. Patrick’s Day Feast. This celebration is an occasion to eat a traditional Irish meal cooked by students. A limerick competition has accompanied this celebration. This house holds a costume party and pie baking competition around Reformation Day.

Head of House: Ms. Seely
Symbol: The door
Color: Green
Patron Saint: St. Patrick
Virtues: Hospitality; Generosity; Good Humor

Motto: Veritas et Charitas Con Audax

Rowan House has taken charge of the Founders Day celebration, marking the official inauguration of the college. This is typically held as a St. George’s day feast. Rowan often includes such games as viking chess at the celebration.

Head of House: Mr. Wilbur
Symbol: The Rowan Tree
Colors: Black & Silver
Patron Saint: St. George

Motto: Sola Gratia Vincit

Trinity house is signified by the trifold door of the church. It has hosted events such as trivia night and college dances.

Head of House: Mr. Spun
Symbol: The Church
Color: Blue and White
Patron Saint: St. Augustine
Virtues: Grace, Fealty and Zeal

Sinai House
Sinai House is currently unfilled, but NCF looks forward to a time when the fourth house will be active.