The Student Guild

The Student Guild protects mutual interests and maintains standards. The Guild provides students a voice on issues pertaining to college life, academics, facilities, and care of students. The Guild also plays a key role in establishing the culture for future students at the college. The Guild is chartered by the Board of Trustees and is under the direction of the Dean of the College and the Dean’s Cabinet.

Master of the Guild

The Master of the Guild is a third- or fourth-year student elected by the entire student body from the duly elected Syndici. She serves as the head of the Guild and officially represents the college at various functions. The Master of the Guild is designated by a red and gold cord.


Syndici are the student advocates or representatives elected as delegates to the Student Guild. Students elect their class representative in the Pascha term to begin serving the following Michaelmas term. First-year students elect their representative at the end of Michaelmas term to serve the rest of the school year. Syndici are designated by a gold cord.


Historically, a verger was responsible for the order and upkeep of a house of worship, including the care of the church building and its furnishings. At New College Franklin, the role of the Verger is to organize students in the care of the church facilities in order to maintain a neat learning environment that shows respect to our host, our visitors, and one another. In addition, the Verger assists with setting up for various functions throughout the year. The Verger is elected from the second-, third-, and fourth-year students and is designated by a red cord.


Chosen by the Dean’s Cabinet, the Beadle serves on the Student Guild. Her role is to help represent the College to outsiders, including carrying the NCF Banner in official ceremonies as well as welcoming prospective students throughout the year. The care of various college totems also falls in her purview. The Beadle is chosen from the third- and fourth-year students and is designated by a brown stole and a gold cord.