New College is a Christian college, engaged in a common endeavor for the glorification of God and the furthering of His kingdom. It is true that while we worship God, we are also being formed into God’s people. While we are attempting to see God, we are acquiring, as a kind of by-product, a vision of who we are and who we are meant to be.

Prayer Service is held daily.

Because of our mission to serve the Church Universal, the local church in Franklin is essential to New College Franklin, and the New College Franklin experience is incomplete without close ties with local church bodies. Indeed, while it is natural to think about reading lists and course charts as the curricular core of a college, at New College we place great emphasis on the “invisible curriculum” of community life. Worship is a central part of life in community and all students, faculty, and staff are required to be members of local, Bible-believing, Christian congregations. Franklin is blessed with a number of vibrant churches.

At this time New College Franklin shares campus facilities with Cornerstone Presbyterian Church. Many families at Cornerstone have opened their homes for hospitality and fellowship, and a number of the host families in Franklin offering room and board are members at these churches.

Naturally, students are not expected to attend Cornerstone; a number of our students and faculty represent churches (including several different denominations) in the surrounding area.


At NCF, we believe that our spiritual walk encompasses far more than just attendance in a Sunday church service. In the classroom, after school, and throughout the terms, we seek to provide that mentorship which strengthens the faith of our students, imparting the wisdom of our faculty. On a regular basis, our faculty engage students one-on-one to encourage and teach them in their walk with the Lord. In this, we seek not just well-educated individuals, but true worshippers of the Lord.