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Book learning alone might be got by lectures and reading; but it was only by studying and disputing, eating and drinking, playing and praying as members of the same collegiate community, in close and constant association with each other and with tutors, that the priceless gift of character could be imparted.— Samuel Eliot Morison



Our discussion-based discipleship approach to education enables students to interact deeply and personally with the great minds of the past for the purpose of engaging the present.

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Student Life


Formation includes what happens outside the classroom as much as it depends on studies. Life on life opportunities exist throughout the week for students and faculty.

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A Unique Experience

tree in bloom

Explore New College Franklin’s robust vision for what our students will experience, and who they will become during their time here.

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Come Visit Us


We love having visiting students for Prospective weekends or just regular days. Check with the office about scheduling a visit to enter into NCF life for a few days. You’ll be amazed how welcome you will feel.

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